Life Transition Coaching

Life is like a meandering pathway that leads us from childhood to our senior years. Along the way, crossroads appear, offering us the opportunity to choose a new direction. While these crossroads can be exciting, they also can be confusing or even frightening. We may find ourselves questioning our purpose and struggling to release some aspects of our life so we may embrace new ones.

Life Transitions


While these turning points can come at any time, they often occur at middle-age when our children have left home. It’s hard to believe our little ones have grown up, moved out, graduated from college, or gotten married. Now, they just don’t come home as frequently, and suddenly, our home is empty. We miss the days when life was filled with the craziness and the energy of youth. 


Retirement is another turn in the road, we may find ourselves missing the stimulation of our jobs and seeing our co-workers regularly. We aren’t sure how our life will look. How will we fill our days? What will our legacy be?


A life altering event such as the death of a loved one, may also prompt us to evaluate our current work life balance. We sometimes feel we have lost our passion for what fulfilled us in the past. Priorities may have changed, and we start to seek purpose in our lives.

It is at times like these, you may be ready for a change and start searching for a new career. As a life coach, and an authorized facilitator of the Now What ® Coaching program created by Laura Berman Fortgang, Master Coach and author of Now What ® 90 Days to a New Life Direction, I will help you uncover what is already inside of you. The program looks at your life history, breaks down the barriers to bring clarity, considers your criteria for happiness and identifies clues to move you towards a new direction. I can assist you on your quest to find purpose and passion and develop a strategy and plan for a more fulfilling life. There are multiple possibilities waiting for you to discover them. I look forward to meeting with you.

Now What ® Coaching program

Ten Individual Coaching Sessions 

The program includes the Now What ® 90 Days to a New Life Direction online experience or the book and workbook. 


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